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KIP Wide Format Printing

Although the use of innovative technologies and digital marketing ads have taken over most of the world of advertising in today’s age, studies steadily show that much of society will still respond to direct mailings and branded print materials. Print is surely here to stay, no matter how much the digital age is transforming society’s consumer habits.


Digital ads get lost in the virtual shuffle with the amount of connectivity that consumers crave these days. Printing should ALWAYS be used with a combination of other marketing channels in order to better advertise and reach your customer base.


Coastal Print Solutions is here to provide clients with the right equipment and tools to create anything and everything you need to properly market your business!

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At Coastal Print Solutions, we offer clients the Maserati of printers, the printer that can do it all, the printer from a leading global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for color and monochrome wide format documents, KIP.


Investing in one of our KIP wide format printing solutions will transform your ability to uniquely design and create all types of promotional materials.


Our KIP machines are essentially wide format printers that entail very practical uses for new or growing enterprises. KIP wide format printing capabilities go beyond average advertising, as their versatility is unmatched by any other wide format printer.


Coastal Print Solutions offers KIP wide format printing solutions that have the ability to print on most textures and surfaces from glossy paper, wood, fabric, ceramic and more.


At Coastal Print Solutions, we understand that the world is larger than 8.5x11, and so is your imagination. Our KIP wide format printers will give you the ability to create promotions and designs that you can only dream of in order to properly market yourself, your brand, and your business!

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